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Type R with ANSI Flanges Type R installed on Ammonia Skid

Only Teikoku offers such a wide range of pump sizes, pressures, temperatures, horsepower, fluid handling capability, pump and motor combinations, multi-stages, self-primers, safety devices and accessories, and local service centers.


No matter what your application, Teikoku pumps offer five major benefits :-

- Leak-proof

- More efficient

- Safer

- More economical

- Prevent costly shutdowns

The key to these benefits is the sealless design, which has been proven effective in over 350,000 installations throughout the world.


Since 1966, Teikoku has produced exceptional canned pumps using their unique blend of innovative design, advanced technology, quality engineering, and precision manufacturing to guarantee you leak-proof pumps that provide lasting performance, even in the harshest environments.


An exclusive feature of Teikoku canned motor pumps is the patented TRG (Teikoku Rotary Guardian), a bearing monitor that provides precise and constant visual wear indications; both of bearing condition and running clearance between stator and rotor.


Now you can replace bearings whenever you choose; for a better bottom line.


Plus, only Teikoku manufactures both the pump and motor to assure you quality control at each step of assembly.


Today, Teikoku's state-of-the-art designs, quality materials and manufacturing procedures create durable canned pumps which can safely move at least 329 different volatile, problem and hazardous chemicals - the entire alphabet, in fact, from Acetaldehyde to Zylene.

And only Teikoku offers such an all-encompassing list of features/benefits and specifications:

- Horsepower (from 1 to 230)

- Temperature (-112 to 850°F)

- Pressure (to 5,000 psi)

- Capacity (to 10,500 GPM)

- Dynamic balance

- Explosion proof

- Closest tolerance in the industryISO 9001 certified

- 100% performance tested

- No unexpected shutdowns

- No lube oil required

- No misalignment problems

- No emissions

- No maintenance for years

TEIKOKU is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of Canned Motor Pumps. We have provided customers with proven canned motor pumps for over 30 years and have built 300,000 units for worldwide markets.

By designing and manufacturing both Pump and Motor TEIKOKU provides the finest quality, with the largest selection at the lowest price with features as above.



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